About us

ThinkGeniux is providing development services globally and We employ a skilled team of developers in asia & US, who are totally focused on delivering high quality software solutions which enable our customers to achieve their critical IT objectives.
We work with partners in the UK and USA and we have a subsidiary company in US. Our management team is multicultural, and many of them have worked with us for a long time. Their international experience gives us a huge advantage in understanding customers’ business requirements.
We are uniquely positioned to provide what our customers need – complex software solutions to answer their requirements, delivered reliably on time, with excellent value for money. As well as our own staff, we also have access to a pool of software developers from our approved partners here in Asia.
We have completed development projects for international clients in many market sectors, including market research, transport, test and measurement and manufacturing.
Asia, with its elite educational establishments and high standards of spoken and written English, has become the natural destination for many global software companies. If your goal is to be an efficient, agile business, outsourcing to India is the most cost-effective way to gain the software skills you need.
We have helped companies move from traditional businesses to Digital Era. Today, if you are not making the best use of technology, you are not making much of your brand.

Our approach.

As the division between strategy, execution, and optimisation become increasingly blurred, and knowledge becomes a key source of value for organisations in the new global economy, ThinkGeniux leadership team and consultants have combined historical data, industry best practices, and analytical models to continue the support of our clients as trusted partners. Our approach has continuously evolved and been refined to help organisations reduce project complexities and accelerate return on investments.

Why ThinkGeniux?

We have demonstrated capability in delivering high quality products and services, timeliness in meeting deadlines and strong business ethics consistently in all our engagements. This solid track record has enabled us to establish long-standing relationships with clients and engage with them across multiple assignments. Here is why we believe clients choose us:

Knowledge Base

We are committed to the continual training and development of our consultants and technical resources. They are certified, seasoned professionals that understand past and current systems and trends

Customised Solutions

We take the time to truly understand the details of your current architecture. We make the glove fit the hand, not the other way around

Trusted Partner

We focus on building long-term partnerships for a deep understanding of business needs that allow us to capture all of the details. Solid guidance depends on full information, which only happens

High-Value Insights

The road to successfully achieving goals in IT is littered with risks. Our insights help you make the most informed decision possible. Let us bring you peace of mind!

Robust Offering

As a full-service IT consultancy, our comprehensive range of services and capabilities fits companies of all sizes, from startups to multibillion dollar enterprises

Customer First

We know the formula to success lies in our priorities. We always put the needs of the clients first by treating their environments as if they were our own. Next, we understand that the quality and performance of delivery of your objectives depends on our happy employees.